Buell VIED Testing Update 28-Aug-2009

I have some test results on the Buell VIED on bikes with the DDFI-3. This covers the 2008-2009 X-series Buell's. The testing was performed by a H-D mechanic in a Dealership in Canada. This was a comprehensive test, providing slightly different results than early model bikes with the DDFI-2. Listed below is his e-mail message back to me:

After reading his message to me, I would appreciate any comments the Buell Riders would have about how they feel with these results.

HI Stephen, Finally got a chance to put the Vied on the bike this Monday...Some observations to date...
-set at 14.0 or higher, after 30 sec engine light comes on, then goes out after 1.5 - 2 mins
- set at one notch below 14.0..30 sec eng light comes on,goes out after 3-5 mins
-after setting the device and running the bike thru the "eng. light on" cycle ,on the next restart typically NO eng light at all, if it does come on 30-45 sec., then off again
-I allow the bike to warm up 2-3 mins before riding, I find this allows the O2 sensor to warm up as well as burn off the warmup enrichment fuel.
-Buell has come out with a download for the 08-09 XB models,most certainly fuel/ignition as well as a different fan strategy,now is on continuosly after 15mph,with no fan after shutdown,this suggests to me they have made major changes if they are no longer concerned with engine heat after shutdown.
-I installed the download and ran the bike for almost a week , it was smoother with less surging/popping thru airbox..but not totally smooth
- after Vied installed , set at 14.0, noticed an immediate improvement..smoother, throttle response better,bike was easier to ride at small throttle settings,not as abrupt in response.
-I believe the new download has made the Vied,s target of smoothing out closed loop an easier goal,well within the reach of your current configuration.. My Lightning is bone stock by the way,will stick in a K+N air filter shortly.. and continue to richen the Vied .. as long as the ECM continues to "learn" and the Eng Light goes out as in previous tries, Ithink you got a REAL winner on your hands!!
-will try to get the bike on the dyno in the next week or so, to get some runs in .. can also record AFR,s over time. ie, 65 mph for 90 secs,3400rpm..
- Sorry , almost forgot, Eng Light is the 151 code ,Know you are familiar with this one,This is the only code showing up.. THANK YOU so much Stephen..What can I do to help you?

This e-mail indicates that this experienced mechanic and rider found the Buell VIED results very satisfactory. He was able to adjust the closed loop fuel mixture on this Lightning and never found the transient Check Engine light an issue. In fact, the CE light would go off. This means the Buell DDFI-3 was responding to the VIED in a similar way the H-D Delphi acts on the Twin Cam engines.
My questions to 2008-2009 Buell Riders is:

  • Would you consider the transient CE light an issue if you can adjust your closed loop AFR?
  • Would you be interested in purchasing the Buell VIED at a reasonable price?
  • What would you consider a reasonable price?

I would appreciate Riders providing an e-mail response to these questions. The response I get will help determine if the Buell VIED becomes a standard product through Nightrider.com Performance Products.

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