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Welcome to our ever growing Harley-Davidson performance site. We offer information, advice and products for upgrading your v-twin motorcycle. Our companion site, Nightrider.com is already well known for providing no-nonsense advice for Harley riders. The Tune Your Harley site will break new ground in the tuning and upgrades of fuel injected Harley engines, especially the TC96, TC103 and TC110 powered motorcycles.

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Tune Your Harley is Expanding 

The TuneYourHarley.com web site is expanding into our new layout. This will start showing up in the tuneyourharley.com/biketech section that will be available soon. Look in our new DIY EFI Tuning section for some interesting information on inexpensive tuning ideas for your late model bikes.

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 LC-1 Installation Video Released

Want to know how to install our Wide Band O2 sensor upgrade on your Harley? Our installation video can be seen on Google Video. Click here to watch the LC-1 installation process.

  IED plug-n-play Technology

Our unique "Patent Pending" O2 sensor Inline Enrichment Device (IED) for 2007 and later Harley-Davidson motorcycles with OEM narrow band O2 sensors richens the fuel mixture from 14.7:1 to as rich as 13.8:1. By slightly richening the mixture, engine and exhaust temperatures are lowered. The IED's will work on Twin Cam, Sportster and V-Rod engines.

O2 IED at 14.2:1 AFR

X14IED at 14.0:1 AFR

XIED at 13.8:1 AFR

VIED is variable from 14.1-13.7 AFR

These are simple, plug-n-play upgrades that are inexpensive and can be installed in under 15 minutes. It is the quickest, easist way to reduce engine heat.

Riders are also reporting:

  • improved throttle response
  • reduce engine surge
  • smoother engine idle
  • decreased engine ping

You can purchase your IED's at www.nightrider.com/parts/

  LC-1 WBO2 Upgrade

Accurately altering and controlling the closed loop fuel mixture is something that few shops and riders understand. The stock narrow band O2 sensor installed on the 2007 and later Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a very limited range of control over the AFR. Narrow band O2 sensors are only accurate in the 14.0-15.0 range. Wide Band O2 (WBO2) sensors are accurate between 10.0-20.0 AFR ranges.

Air fuel ratios to maximize performance and keep exhaust temperatures as low as practical are in the 13.0-14.0:1. These ratios are considerably richer than the OEM H-D sensors can handle, but are well within the limits of our LC-1 WBO2 upgrade foryour late model  H-D motorcycles.

The LC-1 is a programmable Wide Band  O2 controller that allows you to set the closed-loop AFR to the ratio of your choice. For  most riders, this is in the 13.2-13.5 range, but other AFR's can be choosen.

The LC-1  is also part of a modular tuning system that can provide a level of accuracy in tuning your motorcycle that is similar to that achieved on a Dyno. The LC--1 includes software that allows you to monitor and analyze your existing fuel maps. With the addition of a Scan Tool, you can accurately update your fuel maps using SERT or PowerCommander.

You can purchase your LC-1 WBO2 upgrade at www.nightrider.com/parts/



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